"You play you win, you play you lose. You play"


the look on their faces though. its like “omfg, charles. charles, charles. THE HUMAN IS WAVING. WAVE BACK, HURRY.”

This is the best thing I have ever seen


reblogging again because I cannot fucking contain myself so cute

Tatiana Maslany, Dylan Bruce, Jordan Gavaris TVGuide photoshoots behind the scenes

Dylan, Jordan, and Tatiana being adorable/My favorite parts of the Orphan Black Nerd HQ Panel Part 1


Orphan Black Cast Talks Tatiana Maslany Emmy Snub, New Clones, Paul-Felix Sexual Tension || TV Line

orphan black meme ☆ 10 scenes

↳ [2/10] and you are gonna live to fight another day

Robert and Kristen outside of their hotel in NYC (x)